The oil produced on the hills of Fiora is known for its quality which makes it one of the best in Tuscany. Ideal environmental conditions, along with an ancient tradition, are the secret of this exemplary product.


COLLECTION: Harvest begins in a period that runs from late October to mid-November depending on the trend of the vintage. It is carried out exclusively by hand (manual grinding) with the help of large ground nets to contain the falling olives. The fallen olives and leaves are placed in wooden and / or plastic food containers, and in the bowl one day they are ripened so as to eliminate all the leaves and even the non-conforming olives to continue the process.

MOLTURE: olives are crushed to harvest mice to ensure integrity of flavors, taste, colors and maintain a low acidity level. The milling process is carried out at a qualified oil mill that uses a continuous and temperature controlled oil mill.

CHARACTERISTICS: very fragrant, slightly bitter and spicy with intense green color and particularly rich in polyphenols.